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The History of Wado-Ryu in Brunei

The Grand Master, Otsuka Hironori was the developer & founder of the Wado Karate Martial art in 1939. Wado was derived from his long tireless lifetime dedication with in-depth researches, blending his karate knowledge in Jujutsu - close-combating (grappling), Tai-Sabaki (Body Movement) and Shotokan. The unique combinations of Wado-Ryu to others in training, is the emphasis of the fluent uses of Tai-Sabaki to countering all attacks.

In the early 1960s, Otsuka dispatched a small number of his top students to spread the art of Wado-Ryu throughout the world, including Brunei Darussalam. He and his son, Jiro, visited Brunei in 1972 and presented the 1st Dan Black Belt to Shihan Hj Malai Mohammed bin Hj Malai Othman (the current President of Wadokai Karatedo Brunei Darussalam) the same year.

The Grand Master,
Otsuka Hironori 
(1892 - 1982) 
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The Grand Master in action
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The Executive Committee


Hj Malai Mohammed bin Hj Malai Othman

Deputy President
Hj Sayed Jefferydean bin Hj Sayed Mohammed

Vice-President (Technical)
Hjh Siti Susilawati binti Hj Mohd Zaini

Deputy Vice-President (Technical)
Hjh Harinah binti Hj Mohamad Shara

Vice-President (Operation)
Hjh Noorul Sulastrie binti Hj Sabtu

Deputy Vice-President (Operation) cum Secretary Tournament
Sujimah binti Mejari

Secretary-General cum Secretary Administration
Ali Ruwaidi bin Hj Harun

Vision and Mission

  • Using the Wadokai Karatedo training methodology, “DO SPORTS” (Interactive Combative SPORT) to cultivate among young children and adults, a way of life, discipline, respect, empowerment of self esteem, determination, persistence and patience, thereby enhancing their thinking abilities, leading to active, happy, healthy lifestyles, with sense of belonging and being valued.
  • Well documented training programmes to train Wadokai Karatedo players, referees and judges for Karatedo championships both internally and internationally.

  • Well prepared elite Wadokai Karatedo national team players, certified training instructors, qualified referees and professional coaches.

  • To organize, develop and establish Wadokai Karatedo dojos (smaller training clubs) in Brunei Darussalam.

  • To manuscript the teaching of Karatedo and provide training programmes for competent young children, youth and adults of Brunei Darussalam.

  • To supervise and control all Wadokai Karatedo championships and tournaments,  ensuring such championships and tournaments shall be held in accordance with the Tournament Rules of the Wadokai Karatedo Brunei Darussalam as prescribed separately.

  • To liaise, co-operate,  participate and network with various Karatedo Associations/schools/non-governmental organizations (NGO)/Government Ministries who can work together in developing, encouraging our youth and enthusiastic players to be active in sports as well as enhancing their thinking abilities in academic studies.